The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student an opportunity to reflect on the weekly concepts learned in the course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your instructor will be monitoring the Reflection on Learning discussion area but not participating as this is your opportunity to reflect on your personal learning for the week.

**To view the grading criteria/rubric, please click on the 3 dots in the box at the end of the solid gray bar above the discussion board title and then Show Rubric.

Total Points Possible:  5


  • Reflection: write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on your learning for the week. Guiding questions are provided or you may write about what you felt was most significant to you for the week.

You will need to post your reflection here before you are able to see other students’ posts. 

  • How hard was it to find a quantitative article related to your area of interest?
  • Did you have any difficulty determining whether the articles you reviewed were quantitative?
  • Is the quantitative approach appropriate for your area of interest? Would you be able to replicate the study you found?

Important Note: There is no requirement to respond to your classmates in the Reflection on Learning discussion board.

Category Points % Description
Reflection 5 100% Student provides 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on learning for the week. Reflection may address the guiding questions or may relate to what was most significant to the student for the week.
      ASSIGNMENT TOTAL=5 points



Hello professor and class,

Finding quantitative research for my area of interest was easy. This is because the area I am working on has numerous studies. Furthermore, my area of interest is a common problem to nurse practitioners. I did not have a problem in determining whether the article was quantitative. I have taken a…………………..

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